Family, Family, Family

One of my cousins passed away this week and we attended his funeral yesterday.  The service was beautiful and fitting of his short life.  While his passing was not wholly unexpected, we have mourned that loss.  It has caused me to reflect on the relationships I have with immediate family members.  I am so grateful for them, for their support, and for their love.  It is sometimes crazy when we all get together but that is part of sharing in the love of a big family.  Here are some photos that we took for our 2010 picture a few weeks ago.

My siblings looking like a totem pole

My sisters (Jessica, Julie)

My brothers (Jason, Jeff, Jordan)
My nieces and nephews

One thought on “Family, Family, Family

  1. Hi jen
    I am sorry to hear about your cousin. Thanks for the christmas card. i didn't know that you had a blog. So we will have to meet for dinner sometime- i am pretty much always off work on monday, friday evenings and also tuesday and thursday evenings.

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